AFTCO Lightweight Roller Guides

Fresh or Saltwater Rods | 3 Colours | Single Foot Design | Graphite Composition Frame | Sold Individually
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AFTCO Roller Guides For Custom Fishing Rods

  • Versatile AFTCO Lightweight Roller Guides bring new standards of guide performance to a wide range of FRESH AND SALTWATER rods designed for 20 to 30-lb. test monofilament line
  • Lightweight Guides require virtually no maintenance 
  • Single- foot design and ultra-light weight does not nhibit the action of lighter graphite and fibreglass blanks
  • Available in Black Frames, with your choice of Titanium, Black or Gold Guards
  • A typical set would include one #6 (stripper guide), one #5, two #4's, two #3's, one #2.5 and one #2, but the make-up of the set will vary with the blank and its particular taper 
  • The rollers and bearings of the #6 to #2 guides and LT-Series tip-tops are INTERCHANGEABLE