TRW Custom Built Rods

We specialise in all styles of custom built fishing rods purpose built for either the professional or recreational angler.  By combining our design knowledge  and experience, with the extensive range of components and blanks available to us, with your knowledge of your fishing requirements and  individual preferences, the end result is a fishing rod that performs as you need it to.

The quality of finish and components also mean that if you treat the rod right, you'll have it working for you perfectly for years.

We have selected a range of Calstar, Sabre/Seeker and our own The RodWorks blanks to suit most fishing requirements around Australia. The range starts with a 6' light boat/whiting rod, light medium and heavy spin rods and goes through to a serious 12' surf rod. Most models are available in Threadline or Overhead.

These rods will suit anglers who want a custom built rod for targetting a specific species or want a rod that will fish well beyond their expectations.