The RodWorks Blanks for Custom Fishing Rods

The RodWorks designed our own series of blanks 30yrs ago, which are now a tried and consistent winner with fisherman all around Australia for bait and lure fishing. These rod blanks have been rolled off the Fast Surf mandrel, are a carbon/glass composite with 10’ and 12’ version (the 12’ version using a 3’ paddle handle extension). Two-piece models are available using a hand-made glass to glass join. This series of rod blanks will exceed expectations and give many years of reliable, consistent fishing.

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  • TRW-FT120G-Blanks94
    TRW FT120G Surf Blanks

    TRW's FT120G Surf Blanks

    Priced from
    $ 169.95
    $ 15.45
  • trw-extension-tube
    TRW FT120G Surf Blank Extension Tube

    Straight Tapered Extension

    Priced from
    $ 84.95
    $ 7.72