MHX Blanks for Custom Fishing Rods

MHX rod building blanks are the culmination of decades of combined experience in fishing rod manufacturing, custom rod building and fishing. Incorporating a series of advanced material & manufacturing techniques, application-specific designs, and warranty innovations, MHX has become the benchmark for quality and performance.

Each MHX rod blank is designed and produced for specific applications and uses with the design information listed on each blank. Every blank undergoes a detailed inspection for straightness, butt and tip diameter, weight & length – and are deflected to confirm correct power and blank action. Each blank is assigned a serial number for tracking to remove concern about warranty issues. 


Live Bait (LB);Top Water (TW);Intermediate Sink (IS);Light Worming (LTW):Light SW (LSW);Back Bounce (BB);Kwik Fish (KF);Walleye (WA); Jig & Pig (JP); Lipped Crank Bait (LCB); Rattle Traps (RT); Shakey Head (SH); Drop Shot (DS); Divers (DIV); Light Jig (LTJ); Buck Tails (BT); Downrigger (DR); FW Trout (LTR); Worming (WM); Carolina Rigs (CR); Swim Baits (SWB); Twitch Baits (TB); Poppin Cork (PC); Jerk Baits (JB); Pitchin (P); Finesse (FNS); Stickbait (STB); Panfish (PF); Spinnerbait (SB); Flippin (FL)