ProWrap™ Thread and Braid for Custom Fishing Rod Building

Pro Products' ProWrap is the new standard in quality for rod building thread wrap. In development for over a year and rigorously tested by rod builders, ProWrap™ thread is available in stunning colours ( 80 for Nylon and  Color Fast) and Braid – in 100 yard and 1 oz spools.  The 100yd snap spools work perfectly on power wrappers. ProWrap™ thread features strong tensile strength and bright colours that have been pressure dyed for color consistency.  The “Color Number System”™ or CNS –  provides the rod builder with the ability to easily identify colours and shades of colours based on their numbering.

ProWrap-Colour-Fast-Rod-Wrapping-Thread-Main (002)
ProWrap™Thread & Braid
$ 6.50
ProWrap™Thread & Braid
$ 21.95
ProWrap Metallic Braid.jpg
ProWrap™Thread & Braid
$ 12.50
ProWrap™Thread & Braid
$ 75.95