Wrapping Thread for Custom Fishing Rods

Wrapping your guides is one of the most important steps in custom rod building to ensure the overall look, performance and stability of the fishing rod. We have a wide range of thread sizes, colours and types as well as the decorative metallics and braids.

Selecting Thread Size:

The rod and the fishing application you are building that rod for inform what thread size to use:

Size A Rod Winding Thread

  • Requires the least amount of epoxy finish to coat.
  • Smaller diameter of thread allows easier wrapping over guide feet.
  • Extremely popular size for fly rods, as well as ultra-lights and more.

Size D Rod Winding Thread

  • Most tensile strength for heavier rods, such as those for offshore applications.
  • Requires more epoxy to completely coat thread wraps.
  • Perfect size for underwraps with roller guides, turbo guides, and more.
  • Popular thread size for offshore saltwater rods and other heavier fishing rods.