Samurai Premium Light Jigging Blanks

5 Models | Charcoal Grey Finish | 1PCE
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Samurai Premium Light Jigging Blanks

Samurai light jigging blanks are thin, lightweight and strong, making them perfect for the high use taxing light jigging style. The blanks are tuned to have a parabolic curve throughout the length with a soft tip to deliver the most precise lure movement required. Down low, there are still strong and have necessary power to land large fish. The tuned blank is available in many jig weights to cover a wide range of jigging styles and depths. The rating of the blank is the recommended jig weight, can be heavier or lighter but this is the recommended jig weight.

 Model Length   PCS  Line Class (lbs)  Action  Butt Dia (mm)  Tip Dia (mm)
 SP20G-AB  6'  1  20G  Medium Fast  8.8  1.9
 SP40G-AB  6'  1  40G  Medium Fast  9.1  2.1
 SP60G-AB  6'  1  60G  Medium Fast   9.6  2.3
 SP80G-AB  6'  1  80G  Medium Fast  9.8  2.3
 SP120G-AB  6'  1  120G  Medium Fast   10.9  2.6