Fuji L Running Guides

BC Grey CC Silver CC Gunmetal Polished Black or Gunsmoke Stainless Frames | Alconite Aluminium Oxide or SiC Rings | 4mm-10mm Rings
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Deep pressed single leg and single foot design is a medium duty multipurpose running guide for casting and spinning rods. Strong low to the blank and very light-without adding much weight to a layout even when static loading calls for 2 or even 3 additional guides. LAG BLAG LSG PLSG-Tip Section LOG LOG-T Blog BLOG-T-Belly Guides Matching Tips-LAG-FAT MGAT MNAT | BLAG-BFAT BMGAT | LOG LOG-T-FOT MGOT POT | BLOG BLOG-T-BFOT BPOT BMGOT | LSG-FST MGST MNST | GMLSG-GMLGST GMMNST | PLSG-PFST PMGST TMNST | BCLOG BCLOG-T-BCFOT BCLGAT | CCLOG CCLOG-T-CCFOT CCLGAT | BCLAG BCLAG-T-BCLGAT BCMNAT | CCLAG CCLAG-T-CCLGAT