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AFTCO Curved Uni-Butts.

Stronger, lighter and simpler,the Combination Handle-Reel Seat that revolutionized the trolling rod!
Priced from: $ 377.00
AFTCO Curved Unibutts

Formed from the finest marine alloy using AFTCO's unique “swaging” process
 the ONE-PIECE Unibutt® aluminum butt and reel
seat is “unitized” for maximum strength and minimum weight. The aligning
pin-plug, gimbal and fixed hood are locked in permanent alignment so that gimbal,
reel and rod guides always line up perfectly. The ferrules are precision-machined
to ensure complete interchangeability of rod tip sections, and an “O” Ring on the
ferrule prevents corrosion between ferrule and reel seat. A *Teflon® ring inside
the collet nut assures a snug fit, prevents galling, and allows easy removal of the

 Code  Product  Size  Colour
 AUB2C  Unibutt Curved  2  Silver
 AUB2CB  Unibutt Curved  2  Black
 AUB2CBG  Unibutt Curved  2  Black/Gold
AUB2CBPG   Unibutt Curved  2  Black/Pale Gold
AUB2SC   Unibutt Short Curved  2   Silver
AUB2SCB  Unibutt Short Curved  2  Black
AUB2SCBG  Unibutt Short Curved  2  Black/Gold
AUB2SCBPG    Unibutt Short Curved  2   Black/Pale Gold
AUB4C   Unibutt Curved  4  Silver
AUB4CB   Unibutt Curved  4  Black
AUB4CBG  Unibutt Curved  4  Black/Gold
AUB4CBPG    Unibutt Curved  4  Black/Pale Gold
AUB4SC    Unibutt Short Curved  4  Silver
AUB4SCB    Unibutt Short Curved  4  Black 
AUB4SCBG  Unibutt Short Curved  4  Black/Gold
AUB4SCBPG    Unibutt Short Curved  4  Black/Pale Gold
AUB6C   Unibutt Curved  6  Silver
AUB6CB    Unibutt Curved  6  Black 
AUB6CBG   Unibutt Curved  6  Black/Gold 
AUB6CBPG    Unibutt Curved  6  Black/Pale Gold

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