Alps DM Tips

SS316 Hard Chrome, Black, Gold, Progressive TiCH Ion Frames and Finishes | Zirconium, Gold, Blue or Holographic Rings | 6mm -12mm
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ALPS DM rod tips are traditional styles for general purpose use featuring: Industry leading corrosion resistance. All premium frames are made from SS316 (S-6). Superb ring strength and protection : Deep pressed frames to lock rings into place simply meaning the top of frame is rolled around the ring to provide protection and security. To maximise the bonding strength, ALPS carefully match the shape of the rolled frame and the ring to increase bonding area by more than 3 times. The bonding is held together with a proprietary bonding agent used on the increased bonding area to create a permanent adhesion Performance, premium rings and finish. Premium ultralight zirconium because zirconium is more durable than silicon, has a very low friction coefficient and has excellent heat dissipation. Zirconium rings offer similar performance to silicon and represents better value for money, making zirconium very popular with experienced anglers.