ThreadMaster High Build Rod Finish

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$ 48.95
Clarity | Durability | Suits Heavier Rod Builds | 3 sizes

ThreadMaster High Build Rod Finish for Custom Fishing Rods

The Original ThreadMaster Formula that set new standards for clarity and leveling in a Polymer Thread Finish. The High Build formula was designed for one or two coat application depending on the final desired film thickness. Characterized by its accelerated cure cycle, glass like leveling, superior depth of image and gloss and long term water white clarity, ThreadMaster High Build also exhibits the unique characteristic of being quite a hard, durable finish, yet very flexible. This is the finest finish for decorative threadwork of all kinds….extremely durable and flexible with an ultra high gloss and virtually water clear. ThreadMaster High Build is the perfect finish for all rodbuilding applications, such as custom workshops, or the casual weekend builder who needs a quick curing, high performance thread coating.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mix Ratio: 1:1
  • Potlife: 25 minutes
  • Rotation Time: 2-3 hours
  • Tack Free: 4 hours
  • Re-Coat Time: Within 24 hours