ThreadMaster Lite Epoxy Kits

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$ 48.95
Thinner Viscosity | Longer Working Time | Suits Fly Rods & Spinning Rods

ThreadMaster Lite Epoxy

ThreadMaster Lite retains all of the desirable high performance attributes of ThreadMaster High Build, but with a few added features. The viscosity has been reduced by about 35% giving the user the ultimate in thread saturation along with a thinner, less intrusive final topcoat. Additionally the thinner viscosity provides a virtually bubble free mix along with increased flexibility. The pot life has increased, for those who prefer a longer open time, or for the production builder coating multiple rods with one batch of finish. As always, ThreadMaster Lite retains the water white long term clarity it’s become famous for. Perfect for all rods where the builder prefers a low build, multiple coat application, or use as a primer coat, and then top with ThreadMaster High Build.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mix Ratio: 1:1
  • Potlife: 60 minutes
  • Rotation Time: 4-5 hours
  • Tack Free: 8 hours
  • Re-Coat Time: Within 36 hours