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Alps Aluminium Tri Seat Black.

Premium Grade Marine Alloy.
Priced from: $ 33.50
Alps Tri Seats
  • Suitable for both Spinning & Overhead rods
  • Precision CNC machined marine grade aluminium with hard anodising
  • Ergonomic design found by optimising angles on each side
  • Automatic self aligning hoods - hoods can not spin or twist off centre
  • Newly designed Hex locking nuts are quick and easy to lock into place
  • Patented triangle design is unique and distinguished
 Size  I/D (mm)  Length (mm)
 TRI 12 13.07  102.76 
 TRI 16 15.70 112.15
 TRI 20 19.00 130.15
 TRI 22 22.00  133.10