New Thread Ranges

New Thread Ranges

Our customers have asked us for larger spools of metallic thread as well as a good starter pack of threads.

1. ProWrap Metallic 1oz Thread - We have introduced a core colour range in A(700 yards)& D(400 yards) sizes. They are well priced at $25.95 for such a quality thread. We will bring in other colours for special customer orders.

2. ProWrap Colorfast and Metallic Thread Kits - These kits are value for money, perfect starter thread kits. Featuring 18 spools (12 colorfast, 6 metallic) of a good selection of core colours, the kit comes in an excellent storage box.

New developments in thread technology by ProWrap and Fuji.

3. ProWrap GloWrap thread - Designed for night fishing. Bind the first 3-4 inches on the tip of the rod to use as a bite indicator at night. Charge with a LED light. All 6 colours are available - white, green, blue, yellow, pink and purple.

4. Fuji EZ Thread and EZ Bobbins - Designed for rod repairs, with easy wrapping with a flat thread so you don't have to be fussy when laying to keep the thread tightly packed. EZ thread reduces gaps, and the repair is made from the guide foot down to the blank as opposed to the traditional blank onto guide foot method. This makes it easier to hold the guide in place while binding.The EZ bobbin streamlines the thread control process, ensuring seamless thread release and preventing tangles during rod wrapping. By ensuring a consistent and smooth release of thread, this prevents snags, knots, and tangles for uninterrupted wrapping. It has an easy-to-use tension adjustment mechanism allowing users to customize thread tension according to their preferences, guaranteeing flawless thread application.

New Fuji Colours 2023

5. Fuji have just released 21 new colours, particularly expanding the blue, green and brown colour ranges.

6. Fuji have released the new Prisma metallic range.  

The Prisma metallics are interesting, while they are similar to a metallic thread, they have a chameleon effect when in the sun. Available in 6 colours which really complement the new NOCP colours.

Available in size A and 100m length, the colour options are Galaxy, Peacock, Motor Oil, Atomic Red, Nuclear Chicken and Mermaid Scales.