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Epoxy Application Brush

4 Pack Sizes | 170mm Length
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Epoxy Application Brush For Fishing Rod building

  • SHORT HANDLE & EASY CONTROL - Short plastic handle provides easy control and manageability, especially suited for applying epoxy to guide wraps and butt trims
  • QUALITY SYNTHETIC NYLON HAIR - Quality synthetic nylon hair ensures smooth flow of epoxy,easy cleaning, great spring back.These epoxy paint brushes are made of high quality nickel plated copper, so they are won’t wobble, shed and not't easy to break off.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL : Flat epoxy paint brushes will meet all your needs,they are great for applying epoxy and leveling it once applied, These multipurpose brushes are suitable for applying epoxy,colour preserver.
  • EASY TO CLEAN : After you have finished applying epoxy etc clean up with brush cleaner or acetone, lacquer thinners in well ventilated area.
  • EASY TO CLEAN : After you have applied a water based colour preserver to butt wraps and guide wraps easy clean up with water.