Gen4 Guide Wrap Finish

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Latest Release In Epoxy Coating Chemistry

Gen4 Guide Wrap Finish

GEN 4 guide wrap finish provides the discriminating craftsman with the most forward thinking epoxy coating chemistry on the market by using the latest in air release and surface tension technology.

eXtreme Air Release (XAR) is GEN 4's version of the latest in air release protocol technology in epoxy based casting resins. The first thing you will notice about GEN4 guide wrap finishes is that compared to other finishes it offers greater resistance to the entrapment of bubbles due to improper mixing. Secondly, air that is introduced into the mixture during the blending process is released in a much more effective and efficient manner during application. Additionally, pot life is extended by about 12 minutes to allow more time for air displaced in the threads to release on it's own. The air release chemistry is limited though by the amount of time the mixed resin stays viscous enough for bubbles to move to the surface. To that end, best practices in blending the resin and catalyst (read; slow and deliberate) must be exercised in order to keep the amount of trapped air to a minimum to begin with.

TruBlu Measure & Mix is added to the resin (part A) side of the formula to help visually differentiate between the resin and catalyst. This "disappearing" blue dye also functions as a visual indicator as to when the mixture is properly blended. If the blue hasn't completely disappeared, the mixing process is not complete.

Instructions: Measure a minimum of 3cc of each component. Mix SLOWLY AND DELIBERATELY for a minimum of 3 minutes. If any cloudiness or hint of blue dye remains, continue blending until mixture is water clear. Pour out on a flat surface to allow the XAR protocol to release any remaining bubbles. Apply with brush or spatula until desired film thickness is achieved. Rotate for a minimum of 3 hours, CONTINUALLY CHECKING for bubbles, as XAR will continue to push bubbles to the surface even when the mixture begins to thicken. To ensure that no bubbles become trapped in the changing surface tension, you will need to check the rod every few minutes to monitor and eliminate any air that may not release on its own due to the thickening viscosity. XAR is only effective through a specific viscosity. As the mixture continues to crosslink, the thickening viscosity will be the only barrier that does not allow for the bubbles to continue to release.

GEN4 Working Properties

Mix Ratio: 1:1

Pot life : 30 min at 70 degrees Fahrenheit

Re-Coat Time: 4 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit

Sag free (rotation time): 3 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit

Tack free time: 10 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit

Fishable after 24 hours, but 48 hours is recommended to allow for full crosslinking


2 inserts are needed for Epoxy Finish Bottles, one for resin and one for hardener.

The insert size refers to the neck OD of the bottle the insert is going into.

All Gen 4 bottles use 24mm inserts.