Gen 4 Low Build Guide Wrap Finish

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$ 56.50
Brand: Axis Outdoors
2 Sizes

Gen 4 Low Build Guide Wrap Finish

Note: The Part A Resin may exhibit variations in colour ranging from a light blue to a blue-green hue. Please be assured that this alteration in colour does not adversely affect the performance or quality of the product.

Over 2 years in development, Generation 4 guide wrap finish is quickly setting new standards in the rod building community for "on the wrap" performance. Gen4 provides  the most robust set of performance properties in the industry, featuring the most chemically advanced air release protocol (XAR) on the market, and now with the new UV2 ultraviolet inhibitor, Gen 4 has become the "clear choice" for high performance guide wrap coatings.


2 inserts are needed for Epoxy Finish Bottles, one for resin and one for hardener.

The insert size refers to the neck OD of the bottle the insert is going into.

All Gen 4 Finish bottles use 24mm inserts.